Why & What To Wear When Using A Chainsaw

Chainsaws make it very easy to cut through wood, and fell trees. Using a chainsaw can actually turn out to be fun when you get used to it. The best chainsaws are designed to be easy to use and powerful. You would certainly love having one of them for your logging work. In as much as it is fun to operate a chainsaw, you must ensure you have your safety gear on. It may feel a bit uncomfortable but it is absolutely necessary. Chainsaws can injure you badly if mishandled. Having the right protective gear on will go a long way in keeping you out of harm’s way.

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We seek to educate and inform you about chainsaws and their operation. We want to make sure you can operate your chainsaw safely. This is a comprehensive guide on the importance of having your safety gear on at all times. We are going to look at the various types of gear that you are supposed to be wearing. You should never start a chainsaw without any of this gear.

What To Wear When Using A Chainsaw

You are supposed to have the following gear while working with your chainsaw.

  • Helmet – the helmet protects your head from any projectiles either from the cutting action or anywhere else. The projectile themselves might not be dangerous, but the helmet ensures your concentration is not drawn to anything else.
  • Eye Wear – this is one of the most important gear while working with a chainsaw. There will be a lot of sawdust flying around as you saw. You need to ensure it does not get into your eyes. You, therefore, need to have some goggles on while you are working with a chainsaw. Ensure the goggles fit well too.
  • Long-Sleeved Shirt – you need a long-sleeved shirt that is made of a tough material. The shirt should ensure no part of your body is exposed. They are shits that are specifically made for use when operating a chainsaw.
  • Gloves – You need a pair of heavy-duty gloves on too. Ensure they gloves do not interfere with your ability to maintain a strong grip on the chainsaw. The gloves will protect your hand from getting cut an electric shock if you are using an electric chainsaw.
  • Long Pants – you need to have long pants that cover the whole length of your feet too. These should be tough pants as well. You need to ensure no part of your skin is exposed.
  • Boots – you cannot wear just any shoes while using a chainsaw. Heavy-duty work boots are necessary. They protect your feet and help you maintain a good footing as well.

Chainsaw Chaps – The chainsaw chaps are tied to your waist, and they cover the whole length of your ankles. Your ankles are arguably the most vulnerable part of your body, while you are using a chainsaw.  Chainsaw chaps are very light but very strong. The chainsaw will not be able to cut through them immediately.