How to Operate a Chainsaw? Comprehensive guide

best professional chainsawLogging and hedge trimming would be very difficult without chainsaws. These power tools are very convenient, where you use them to fell trees or cut firewood. Whether you are a professional blogger, or you use a chainsaw at home, you need to know how to operate a chainsaw before you put your hands on one. Operating a chainsaw is a skill that is acquired over practice. It is not difficult to learn though. A few instances of practice will have you operating the chainsaw like a pro. Understanding your chainsaw is a matter of safety too.

We seek to ensure you fully understand how a chainsaw works, and how to operate it. We want to ensure you can comfortably and safely handle a chainsaw. This is a comprehensive guide on how to operate a chainsaw. The guide will take you through the steps of operating a chainsaw effectively and safely. These steps will ensure your chainsaw lasts long, and you stay out of harm’s way.

How to Operate a Chainsaw

Follow the following guidelines while working with your chainsaw to ensure you remain safe.

  • Always ensure you have all the protective gear on before you power on the chainsaw. You should have a helmet, goggles, ear protection, long-sleeved shirt, long pants, chainsaw chaps, and gloves.
  • To start the chainsaw, put it flat on the ground with the bar facing away from you. Grip the chainsaw on the handlebar with your left hand, and step on the back handle with your right toe. Ensure you are holding the chainsaw firmly, and pull the starter rope with your right hand. A couple of pulls should get the chainsaw popping, but not starting. Now remove the choke and pull the starter rope again. The saw will power on right away.
  • Handling the saw requires you to always ensure you have a firm grip on the saw. Your left hand is on the front handle and is the driver of the saw. Your right hand is on the back handle and it the support pillar. Ensure you have a good footing where you stand, and you remain stable.
  • While cutting, do not push the saw into the wood. Hold the saw over the wood firmly. If the saw is well sharpened and is running well, you shouldn’t have to put any pressure. Do not try to overreach too. Cut the area where the saw reaches. You will go to the other areas once the current one is complete.
  • Always be conscious of kickback and pinching. Modern chainsaws have an anti-kickback system, but even that is not enough to the grantee that it won’t happen. Kickback and pinching are common while cutting through tree joints. Having your footing right, and anticipating that it might happen will help you deal comfortably with it. Kickback can easily injure you if it catches you by surprise.

The best chainsaws in 2020 are quite easy to operate. The most crucial aspect is to ensure you stay safe.