Meet Our Team

Jacob H

Jacob H is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief. Jacob is a veteran of the technology industry. He is a big technology enthusiast with a sharp focus on technology advancements. He has a wealth of experience as a software developer. He has worked in electronic hardware development too. He loves to explore new technologies and travels to different corners of the globe to experience new and revolutionary technologies first hand. Jacob loves to share his knowledge and experience too. He uses this platform and many others to drive his agenda. Chainsaws are some of the technologies that have seen massive improvements over the decades. Jacob loves to be at the center of such improvements.

Jacob believes the platform should be a great resource to educate the masses about impressive technologies. He works to ensure all the information published is factual, educative and objective. Jacob is always part and person of the whole process of scrutinizing and testing the various products. He takes part in compiling the reviews too. Jacob is fascinated by the latest technologies in chainsaws. They have made them more efficient and safer. Technology improvement for the good of humankind is his drive. He derives immense pride from being able to engage and participate on the platform.

J Levitt

Levitt is a professional woodcutter who has been in the business for 10 years now. He has worked with a wide range of chainsaws. Levitt has seen the chainsaw technology improve from one step to another. His wealth of knowledge about chainsaw technology is almost incomparable to any other. He is a great contributor to the writing team. Levitt brings the very in-depth, unbiased and objective reviews on the various chainsaws available in the market. Levitt will provide resourceful advice on which chainsaw to buy for which purpose. He advises on best maintenance practices too.

Levitt loves to share through writing. He shares his experiences with various chainsaws. He is a chainsaw repair expert too. He provides useful information on what to do with a stalling chainsaw. Levitt is one of the most knowledgeable persons of the writing team as far as chainsaws are concerned. His pieces are always engaging and educative. He strives hard to remain factual with his presentations. He is quite enthusiastic about chainsaw technology and is always ready to try out a new chainsaw. He is constantly exploring the various chainsaw models available and comparing their performances. He is such a resourceful and enthusiastic member of the team.

Mary K

Mary is a mechanical engineer. She loves to write too. She is an active contributor to the team with a keen eye on technology. Mary helps us delve deep into the various technical aspects of the various chainsaws we look at. She helps everyone understand how the chainsaws work. Mary is a very avid technology enthusiast. Mary keeps a professional eye on the arguments developed on the various products reviewed. He also strives to ensure that the information released is factual and scientifically correct. She is a jovial person who believes in the need to educate people about the technology they use.

Mary has been involved with technology for a long time. She has worked in many capacities that have brought her face to face with the best technology the world has to offer. She takes part in the testing process too. She believes in upholding quality and standard in the products produced for commercial markets. Mary writes very in-depth and educative pieces. She loves to share her knowledge. Here pieces are quite resourceful and are always eye-opening. She helps us help you understand what a good chainsaw entails. She is indeed an amazing member of the team.