How to Maintain and Sharpen a Chainsaw?

best chainsawIn order to avoid breakdowns and downtimes while working, you need to know how to maintain your chainsaw well. Part of chainsaw maintenance is sharpening the chainsaw chain. After several cuts, the chainsaw is bound to get blunt. Maintaining your chainsaw is a matter of safety too. You need to ensure all the systems of your chainsaw are working properly before you engage in any activity with the chainsaw. As the chainsaw operator, you need to understand the chainsaw you are working within and out.

We seek to ensure you have a seamless experience working with your chainsaw. We spend our time exploring various chainsaw and how the work. This is a comprehensive guide, on how you should maintain and sharpen your chainsaw. The guide will give your insight into how you go about it. The I importance of regular maintenance practices of your chainsaw cannot be overlooked. Tag along and let’s ensure your chainsaw is always ready and up to the task.

How to Maintain and Sharpen a Chainsaw

First, you have to consider whether you are using a gas or electric chainsaw. If you have a gas chainsaw, always check the following aspects after every day long use.

  • Check the fuel tank and the fuel transmission systems to ensure they are in good condition. Ensure there are no leaks. You also need to check the oil system to ensure it is in order. The oil is used as both a lubricant and a coolant. Regularly check the oil, and refill when it goes beyond the threshold level. Each chainsaw will come with a measurement scale that you use to check the oil.
  • Many gasoline products contain ethanol. Over time the ethanol absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and the resulting compound settles on the bottom of the fuel tank as well as the oil tank. Make a point of totally cleaning the tanks after every two weeks, if you use the chainsaw every day.

If you use an electric chainsaw, check the electrical power supply system (adapter and cable) and ensure they are in good condition. There are other basic maintenance practices such as;

  • Inspect the bar for wear and tear
  • Clean the air filter
  • Check the muffler and air arrester.

Many of the chainsaws will come with a checklist manual for the regular maintenance process. Follow all the outline guidelines.

Sharpening the Chainsaw Chain

Sharpening the saw can be a daunting task for many people. Some machines come with an automatic sharpening system, but even that is not enough to keep the chain in a top-notch condition.

  • You are going to need to purchase the right file for the chainsaw chain you are using. Check the gauge before you go and purchase the file.

The filing system comes in two parts. The file itself and the teeth holder. The teeth holder is basically a guide that sits on the links of the chain and allows you to file the chain’s teeth one after another.