How Does a Chainsaw Work? Comprehensive guide

best small chainsawChainsaws are some of the most resourceful power tools to humankind today. They help us get the wood we use for different construction requirements. To be a great chainsaw operator, you need to have a good understanding of how a chainsaw works. The best chainsaws in 2020 are very efficient and easy to operate. Understanding how your chainsaw works is a matter of safety too. You can either have a gas or electric chainsaw. They all work the same way. The only difference is in the power system.

We seek to ensure you properly understand the chainsaw you are working with. We want to ensure you can comfortably handle your chainsaw. This is a comprehensive guide on how a chainsaw works. The guide will look into the dynamics of the operation of a chainsaw. After going through the guide, you should understand how a chainsaw works, and how to operate it. This knowledge will come in handy during maintenance, or when you need to do some repairs.

How Does a Chainsaw Work?

Chainsaws have the following main parts.

  • Fuel tank/ Battery
  • Engine (gasoline chainsaws)
  • Carburetor (gasoline chainsaws)
  • Spark plug (gasoline chainsaws)
  • Sprocket
  • Clutch
  • Gears
  • Guide bar
  • Chain

Each of these parts has a specific function on the chainsaw. They work in coordination with each other.

Chainsaws need a source of energy to operate. You could use gasoline, or have an electric chainsaw. You need to put some gasoline into the fuel tank of a gas chainsaw. The fuel is fed to a carburetor, where it mixes with air. The air-fuel mixture is then pushed into a cylinder, where it is ignited by a spark plug, and it burns releasing energy. This energy pushed a piston back and forth. The piston’s motion is converted into rotary motion by a rod and crank.

For an electric chainsaw, the electric current is fed to a motor, that converts the electric energy into kinetic energy. The energy is used by the rod and crank to produce some rotary motion.

From here, everything about both the gasoline and electric chainsaws is similar. The chainsaws have a drive shaft that transmits the rotary power to the centrifugal clutch. The clutch is responsible for transferring the power to the chain. It is detachable from the chain though. It does this will the help of a system of gears, that connect it to a sprocket that holds the chain. You can, therefore, have the chainsaw engine running, but the chain is not rotating. This enhances safety and avoids energy wastage.

The chain rotates around the edges of a long steel-plate known as the guide bar. The chain has sharpened teeth, that go around slicing through the wood.

Chainsaws are of different sizes. Some are more powerful than others. The most powerful chainsaws are used to cut down huge trees. You need to get the right chainsaw for the kind of work you have. Some chainsaws may not have enough power to cut through thick logs of hardwood.