How To Cut Down Tree With Chainsaw – Things to Avoid

best battery electric chainsawChainsaws help us to conveniently cut down trees. Cutting down trees is a skill that is acquired over several instances of practice. There are standard procedures to be followed while felling a tree. Felling a tree is a risky affair and people could easily get injured. If everything is done in order, there is nothing to worry about. As the chainsaw operator, you need to know the standard operating procedures of falling down a tree. You need to ensure you are safe, as well as those around you.

We seek to ensure that you operate your chainsaw conveniently without any challenges. We want to ensure you can fell trees safely and efficiently. This is a comprehensive guide about some of the things you should never do while felling trees. Felling trees do not have to be such a daunting task. It should not at any time cause harm either.

Never Do the Following While Felling Trees

  • Never try to cut a tree without first scouting the area around the tree to find out where the tree can fall. You need to have a complete picture of how the whole process will be before you start cutting. Do not gamble. You also need to plan an escape route on all sides of the tree, to ensure you know exactly how to react when the tree starts falling.
  • Never operate a chainsaw, while you do not have the necessary protective gear on. The protective gear is your first layer of defense against anything that might happen. You, therefore, need to ensure everything is in place before you power on the chainsaw.
  • Once you start cutting, do not try to cut the tree horizontally all through to the other side, especially if it is a big tree. It is dangerous, and will most likely damage your chainsaw. You are supposed to first make a notch on the side you want the tree too fall, then go finish cutting the tree from the other side.
  • Never try to push the tree to fall. Some people also tie ropes to the tree in a bid to pull it down, which is wrong. Cut the tree until it falls on its own. Once you start cutting, everyone should be standing at a safe distance. They need to be as far away as possible from the tree.
  • Do not try to force the tree to fall in a certain direction, even if it is not the direction you had anticipated it will fall. One the tree starts falling, let it go in the direction it is going. It is dangerous to try and change its course either by pulling or pushing.

After completely cutting the tree, you will hear a crack as it starts falling. Never stand there and wait for it to fall, even if it is falling in the opposite direction. The base of the tree tends to kick back once it is completely detached. You could seriously get injured. You are supposed to be not less than 15 meters away from the tree once it starts to fall.