How to Cut Down a Tree Safely using a chainsaw? Comprehensive guide

best electric chainsawChainsaws are mainly used to cut down trees. Some trees grow very large and it would be impossible to cut them using hand tools. Whether at home or on a farm, chainsaws make it easy and fast to cut down a tree. Cutting down a tree will a chainsaw is not as easy as it may sound though. It is a skill that needs to learn and perfect. There is a lot of danger involved in cutting down a tree with a chainsaw, especially to the operator of the chainsaw. Therefore, the operator needs to have a couple of tricks up his sleeve to ensure he stays safe.

We strive to ensure you have all the information you need concerning chainsaws and their operation. We want to ensure you have a seamless time while working with your chainsaw. This is a comprehensive guide on how you go about cutting down a tree using a chainsaw. Your safety and that of those around you comes first. The guide will outline some measures that need to be taken to ensure everyone is safe.

How to Cut Down a Tree Safely using a chainsaw

  • The first and basic step is to scout the area around the tree and find out whether the tree has a safe falling path. Decide on where you want the tree to fall. If you are on a slope, it is prudent that you let the tree fall downhill.
  • Explore the tree to make sure it is in a healthy condition. Explore its stability too. Some trees could be rotten and fall unpredictably. The aim is to ensure you have a complete picture of how the tree is going to fall, even before you start cutting it.
  • Plan an escape route on both sides of the point of where you will be cutting from.
  • Ensure you have all the protective gear on before you turn on the chainsaw. Also, everyone else should stay at a safe distance once you have finished scouting the area.
  • Once you have decided the side on which you want the tree to fall, cut a 70-degrees notch on that side. The notch will allow the tree to exert weight on that side, and hence fall on it. The notch should be shallow from the top and deep at the bottom. It should not go more than 1/3 of the trees thickness.
  • Make a bow cut on the other side of the tree, then insert wedges into the bore cut. The tree will now be weak but will most likely not fall. You now need to be careful as it can start falling anytime. Now cut through the reaming part of the bore cut. All this time, ensure you are on the opposite side of the notch.

The tree will start to fall slowly in the direction of the notch. You will hear a crack once it starts going down. Take the pre-determined route and stand at least 15 feet away from the tree. The base of the tree could push back while falling.