Chainsaw Throttle Cable Installation: Comprehensive guide

best small chainsawFor a chainsaw to run it requires a throttle cable that runs starting from the carburetor to the throttle trigger. More fuel is allowed in the chainsaw when you squeeze the throttle trigger. Chainsaws have safety features such as using the locking mechanism. These features are important as it ensures the cable chain will only spin then the top trigger is pressed down and the bottom trigger is squeezed. is a well-detailed video showing how chainsaw throttle cable installation is done, precautions to take, what manufacturers recommend and how a chainsaw should be handled.


Step 1.

The throttle cable is carefully attached to throttle lever. The throttle lever is installed to a tank unit through threading throttle cable into the tank unit. Cable lever or lever arm should be placed underneath a handgrip. The handgrip has a lip which keeps the lever arm in place.

Step 2.

A rubber driver is used is used to push the pivot found on the throttle lever. The pivot is pushed on throttle lever holes found on the chainsaws handle. Throttle spring is connected to recess found on throttle neck. The spring should be held in place while inserting the throttle lock in recess found on the handgrip. Throttle cable has a return spring that should be fitted to the handgrip.

Step 3.

Throttle lock is twisted to take the right position, this will allow the catch to pass down through throttle lever which is held inside the handgrip. Using the rubber driver, press throttle lock pivot.

Step 4.

For this step, the intake valve is reconnected to the fuel hose. The intake valve is present in the carburetor. Front handgrip should be refitted again and the present screws should be retightened. The throttle cable is pushed to the bottom of carburetor space. When this is done the lead wires should be reattached to the stopwatch.

Step 5.

Using a screwdriver, screw down bolts on flywheel found on the engines left or right side. The bolts should be well tightened an anchored to the engine. Make sure the chain catcher is properly reinstalled at the front part of the engine.

Step 6.

This is the final stage, here ensure the throttle cable carefully slides to its right position which is directly opposite to the carburetor. When this is done, the throttle cable should be connected well to the carburetor.

To enjoy operating the best chainsaw 2020, it is important to ensure that the throttle cable is well installed. The throttle cable should also be well lubricated according to the manufacturers’ recommendation on which lubricant to use and alternatives present in the market. New users should seek assistance where they find cumbersome to install the cable. Fixing the cable wrong will result in injuries or your machine not operating at all.

Inspect all the parts of the chainsaw before installing the cable chain. Replace the broken parts where necessary, reinstall some of the parts and make sure the relevant bolts are screwed down well.