Chainsaw Chain Repair Tools: Comprehensive guide

best chainsaw chainRegardless of how you use your chainsaw, you are going to have to repair it every now and then. As such, you will need to have some chainsaw chain repair tools at your disposal at all times while you are working. Regardless of how well you maintain the chainsaw, chainsaw chain breakdowns are inevitable. You do not want you to work to be stalled every now and then because you couldn’t repair your chainsaw chain. Of course, the tools are of no use if you do not know how to repair the chainsaw chain. Learning how to troubleshoot your chainsaw chain, and having your pack of tools at all times with saving you a lot of trouble.

We seek to ensure you are prepared to handle any given situation. We spend our time exploring various chainsaws and the aspects surrounding them so that we can bring you factual information. We want to ensure you have a seamless time while operating your chainsaw. This is a comprehensive guide about some of the chainsaw chain repair tools that you should have. We are going to expound on each tool and its specific purpose.

Chainsaw Chain Repair Tools

You should always have the following tools to ensure you can repair your chainsaw chain.

Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Package

Your chainsaw chain will become dull after cutting for a while. It is expensive to replace the chain every time it becomes dull. Sharpening it is the best option. You can buy the sharpening tool at any chainsaw store. The package has two main components. It has a teeth guide that locks the teeth into place, and a file that you use to sharpen the teeth. You lock a one tooth at a time and file it. It might sound a bit tedious but it is quite simple when you get used to it.

Chainsaw Chain Breaker

The chain is joined by rivets. Some parts of the chain might get damaged. That does not mean you need to throw the chain away. You can remove those parts and straighten them, or throw them away if they are irreparable, and then join the remaining chain back together. The chainsaw chain breaker is used to remove the rivets. You are going to need to have your chainsaw chain breaker at all times since problems that require it are quite common.

Chainsaw Chain Spinner

Once you have removed the damaged parts of the chain, you will need to join it back together. That’s where the chainsaw chain spinner becomes important. You use it to drive the rivets back in. The chainsaw chain spinner enables you to join the links, make them tight and consistent and hence minimize the risk of the chain breaking. You cannot go working anywhere with a chainsaw if you do not have a chainsaw chain spinner. You will require it sooner or later.

The pack of tools should include other basic tools such as screw fasteners, and an oil drip, to add oil to the chain system.