Chainsaw Chain Oil Substitute: Comprehensive guide

best small chainsawChainsaws are different and they all use different chain oil and bar oil. Manufacturers give recommendations on what oil to use and the different alternatives. When a recommended oil is not available in your current location, the best solution is to look for alternatives that are equally similar. This is a short guide on what manufacturers recommend.

However, the alternative oil should have all required characteristics of a lubricant oil. Alternative oil should allow for optimal performance and maintain the durability of chain and bar. Take caution before using alternative oils. Confirm what your warranty states about using a different oil for your chainsaw.

Characteristics of Oil Recommended by Manufacturers.

  • Eco-friendly.

The oil used ought to be biodegradable and environmentally friendly. During operation, the chainsaw should not emit any poisonous fumes.

  • Stickiness.

Alternative oil is required to be sticky enough while the chain is in use. This is because chainsaws run at a speed of 45 miles per hours, full throttle.

  • Slipperiness.

A good lubricant has to be slippery. This will prevent chunks of wood, other debris and tree sap from sticking on chain bar when operating.

There are plenty of alternative oil uses, secret lies of selecting one that has the above characteristics.

Alternatives Oils Include:

  • Motor Oil.

This is one of the readily accessible alternatives for lubrication. Motor oil is affordable since it is car oil that has been used. Only filtered motor oil should be used. Be sure to filter the used car oil before applying on chain and bar. Harvesting the oil while it is still warm will make the filtration process easy and the resulting oil will be clean. Motor oil is still being criticized as it is non-biodegradable. The effect it has on our environment is negligible. Motor oil availability and affordability have outweighed the disadvantages.

  • Vegetable Oil.

Vegetable oil is affordable and a good alternative for chainsaw chain and bar. Vegetable oil is a better alternative compared to motor oil since it is bio-degradable and environment-friendly.  Vegetable oil is handy in situations where hygiene is the first priority.

It is easier to clean vegetable oil from your clothes since it does not stain them. Vegetable oil has high viscosity, has high flashing point and it is resistant to shear. The only disadvantage of using vegetable oil is it cannot be used during cold sessions.

  • Canola Oil.

Canola oil is commonly mistaken for vegetable oil. Unlike vegetable oil extracted from plants, canola oil is extracted from rapeseeds. The oil is versatile and thinner. These two characteristics make it a better alternative for chainsaws chains and bars.

  • Drained Hydraulic Fluids.

Hydraulic fluids are less viscous, meaning it dries up faster compared to other alternatives. The solution is to mix it with oil recommended by manufacturers to give it a thicker consistency.

When selecting an alternative oil compare the lubrication properties and if it is eco-friendly to be used on the best chainsaws 2020. Some oil will require a bit of modification before using them. The last thing a user needs is losing the durability of their chainsaw due to using an alternative without the right properties.