How to Adjust Chainsaw Tension? Comprehensive Guide

best small chainsawChainsaws are some of the most resourceful power tools. Professional loggers use them every day in their work. In order to have a seamless time with your chainsaw, you need to know how to operate it perfectly. One of the most crucial aspects of chainsaw operation is the chain tension. The chain on the bar needs to have the right tension so that it can cut well. You, therefore, need to adjust the tension on the chainsaw chain from time to time. Many people have a challenge with adjusting the tension.

We seek to educate you on various issues of chainsaws. We want to ensure you understand your chainsaw well, and you can operate it without any problem. We spend time exploring the best chainsaws 2020. This is a comprehensive guide of how you go about adjusting the tension on the chainsaw chain. The guide will take you through the steps of the process. Adjusting the chainsaw chain’s tension should not have to feel like such a daunting task.

How to Adjust Chainsaw Chain Tension

You need to always test where the chain on your chainsaw needs adjusting. The snap test will help you check the tension. Lift the chain a few inches off the bar on the upper side, and let it go. The chain is supposed to snap back in position if the tension is okay. If it does not. You will need to adjust the tension. Always add a 1.25mm space between the blade and the bar when the motor is cool. This space allows room for expansion when the motor gets hot.

Follow these steps to adjust the chainsaw chain tension.

  • Set the chainsaw on a flat surface, and remove the spark plug to ensure the chainsaw cannot power on under any circumstances.
  • Wear thick and tough safety glove at all times while handling the chainsaw. You do not want to injure your hands.
  • Remove the covers where the blade meets the motor. Take advantage of that removal to clean the inner components of the chainsaw. Also, add some grease to the rolling tip at the end of the blade. The tip is the one that rotates the chain.
  • Ensure your blade is sharp, and all the high spots are even. Find the adjustment screw and tighten it until the chain hugs the bar snuggly. The adjustment screw is perpendicular to the direction of rotation of the chain. On some chains, the adjustment screw is on the outside of the chainsaw or between the mounting studs
  • Ensure you hold the nose of the bar up any time you are adjusting the screws.
  • Conduct the snap test to check whether the tension is right. Remember to leave the 1.25mm room for expansion.

Adjusting the tension on your chainsaw chain is not difficult. You should to it regularly. Working with a chainsaw with the chain tension wrong is ineffective and dangerous. You could get injured easily, and you will probably end up damaging the chainsaw too. Make it a habit to check the tension before you start sawing on anything.