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Jacob H, CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Jacob H is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief. Jacob is a veteran of the technology industry. He is a big technology enthusiast with a sharp focus on technology advancements. He has a wealth of experience as a software developer. He has worked in electronic hardware development too. He loves to explore new technologies and travels to different corners of the globe to experience new and revolutionary technologies first hand. Jacob loves to share his knowledge and experience too. He uses this platform and many others to drive his agenda. Chainsaws are some of the technologies that have seen massive improvements over the decades. Jacob loves to be at the center of such improvements.

Jacob believes the platform should be a great resource to educate the masses about impressive technologies. He works to ensure all the information published is factual, educative and objective. Jacob is always part and person of the whole process of scrutinizing and testing the various products. He takes part in compiling the reviews too. Jacob is fascinated by the latest technologies in chainsaws. They have made them more efficient and safer. Technology improvement for the good of humankind is his drive. He derives immense pride from being able to engage and participate on the platform.

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